Best chances of getting an OOS tuition waiver for Texas Public Schools

My daughter, a senior, wants to go to school in Texas but we are OOS.

She got a 31 on the ACT and has great extracurriculars and references and leadership experience. What public schools would be the best to apply to. She would like to study political science and/or business.

Just FYI, the state of Texas doesn’t offer OOS tuition waivers. However, there may be some potential for merit scholarships. Here are a few schools that come to mind:

University of Houston

University of North Texas

Baylor (private)

Don’t write off a school just because it is private. It is often the private schools that will have the best net cost.

@ScienceGirlMom is incorrect, Texas public’s do have OOS waivers. However, the can be difficult to get and normally require a sufficient level of “eligible scholarships “. Here is a link to the TAMU policy