Best Chemistry Schools

<p>My S is looking for a great school to attend for chemistry and is also a swimmer. Anyone have a suggestion as to which schools have great chemistry programs and also have a mens swim team?

<p>Tell us about his stats -- no sense recommending schools if they're reaches or extreme safeties. Also, does he have any geographic preference? Is cost/financial aid an issue? Does he care about the school's size?</p>

Thanks, and good point, his sat is a 1290 (710 math), taking the ACT in December. GPA is 4.18 . Received a 3 on the AP Chem test. Taking AP Calc and AP Physics now. He has no geographic preferences, he'll likely apply for Fin aid at all schools, hopes to get Academic aid as well. As for size, he's looking for more than 5000, but less than 20,000.
Does that narrow it down any?
Thanks again</p>

<p>SATs and AP chem score are a bit light for merit aid at a selective mid-size university. However, his strong GPA and AP schedule may mean he will do better on his ACT test.</p>

<p>How competitive a swimmer is your S? If he is an all-state type, Div I scholarships are possible and he is probably already being recruited. If he is a little shy of that status, or if he is looking for a less-demanding athletic experience, Div III swimming makes more sense, though most of the schools of the size he is looking for are Div I. </p>

<p>Some excellent mid-size universities do compete Div III however (Tufts, Washington U, Johns Hopkins, CMU, Emory, Case Western) and if his times are competitive there he could get admission help from the coach. Aid (need or merit) would be per individual school policies however - no Div III athletic scholarships. These would be challenging schools for your S, but his GPA indicates that he is a strong student in the classroom.</p>

<p>Lacking help from his swimming, best to look for a less-selective State University where his academic record would place him in the top quarter of applicants. Maybe a Catholic private like Villanova or Marquette would be worth a look. Other posters may have some knowledge of less-selective universities with standout chem departments.</p>

<p>Check out some of the Patriot League schools-Holy Cross, Colgate ,Bucknell. Holy Cross has a very strong chemistry and pre-med program. ALL 3 schools have nice swimming programs.</p>

<p>Bucknell has an excellent chemistry program and also has a Div. I men's swim team.
It would probably be a match for your son.</p>

<p>The University of Delaware has one of the strongest chemistry programs in the country (think DuPont internships) and a men's swim team. It would probably also be a match - almost safety for your son.</p>

<p>Two other possibilities: Carnegie Mellon U (a reach) and the University of Denver (a safety).</p>