Best classes to take first semester

My daughter will be a freshman at HPU this Fall. She is making her course schedule now. Does anyone know if she should take certain classes together or separate? English composition calculus history biology chemistry foreign language etc. I am just concerned with her getting a strong start but not being overwhelmed:) Thank you for any advice:)

Hi @stownsend1! This is so exciting, choosing classes! But I understand it can be overwhelming, too. The good news is that at HPU, every student will be assigned a Success Coach. A Success Coach is like a life coach and an academic coach combined! Their role is to support the student in all aspects of the student’s life at HPU. From academic, personal, social and career- they assist with the transition into college life! This will include helping the student find a class schedule! This happens at a Freshman Orientation Event (you will learn more about this from Undergraduate Admissions if you have not signed up already)! The average student takes about 16-18 course credits per semester (so that’s about 3 or 4 “core classes” with an elective or two as well.) Your daughter’s Success Coach can best speak to what to take together, or in what semester ect. You can contact her Admissions Counselor to find out who her Success Coach will be, or hop on over to our website for more information as well >> I hope you find this helpful and I wish your daughter great success at HPU!