Best College for me: George Mason Uni. or Virginia Commonwealthy Uni.?

<p>Both are the two colleges I want to get in, but I'm having difficulty deciding which.
Both are well-known for their diversity (big plus), but each has their own downside.
VCU isn't as safe considering it's in a very urban area with many homeless and some criminal activity, especially at night.
On the other hand, GMU is known to be quite dead on the weekends due to many students being commuters.</p>

<p>I would like to be in a college that offers great campus life and quality education. I also plan to major in Marketing.</p>

<p>Personally, I think VCU’s urban campus is in a bad area. But, if you’re interested in medicine or the arts, VCU is a great place! However, Mason is a great place for virtually any major because of its proximity to DC and the incredible internships. It is a commuter campus but 3/4 of freshman live on campus so your first year that won’t be an issue. I have friends and family at Mason and they’re always doing something like going to the nationals game or younglife or taking a trip to the mountains. Recently Mason was listed as the top school in Virginia for starting salaries (Virginia pilot).</p>

<p>In my experience, the students at GMU tend to be academically stronger and more motivated than the ones at VCU. Also, I’ve heard that VCU has a lot of hipsters and a lot of drugs, compared to other VA publics. I know about 6 students currently at VCU, and they do not dispute any of this. 5 of the 6 love being at VCU, though. Visit both. They are very different.</p>