Best College For Me?

<p>I'm a current senior in Western PA. I have a 2040 SAT score (770 cr, 590 m, 680 w). I have a lot of extracurriculars and I'm in almost all AP/college level courses. I've been accepted to St. Vincent College in Latrobe, PA with a 22,000/yr scholarship and University of Pittsburgh. I'm also applying to Bucknell(possibly), Dickinson, Allegheny, Washington and Jefferson, Case Western, and University of Richmond. I'm thinking of majoring in Biochem. Are any of these schools known for giving out particularly good financial aid and what programs are strong?</p>

<p>Check the course catalogs at each school to see the breadth and depth of coursework available in your areas of interest. Visit the schools if you can to check out the facilities - are they relatively up to date? Do they have adequate lab space for all the kids who are interested in majoring in that science? Are students able to get into the classes for that major without too much trouble? If they can’t get into a popular class, do they get priority next semester? How many faculty are in that dept? What are their research interests and do they conform to your interests? Is there funding for student research? </p>

<p>These are just a few questions to help you judge the strength of a program at a school.</p>

<p>How much aid do you qualify for, what is your family’s EFC?
Using College Navigator [College</a> Navigator - National Center for Education Statistics](<a href=“]College”>College Navigator - National Center for Education Statistics) or each school’s website you can look up the statistics about financial aid. What percent get aid, what percent is grants versus loans…
Kiplinger’s lists have good info on merit awards (non-need based aid). There are two tables for private LACs and private universities. [Best</a> Values in Public Colleges, 2012 - Kiplinger](<a href=“]Best”>Best Values in Public Colleges, 2012 | Kiplinger)</p>