Best college viewbook?

<p>Starting now, I've been starting to become inundated with college viewbooks and other recruiting material. I wanted to know what other people are receiving and what some of the best viewbooks are. My favorite ones so far are U of Chicago and NU.</p>

<p>Columbia has been my favorite so far. NYU and Boston University also have nice ones</p>

<p>UChicago had my favorite.</p>

<p>probably yale or stanford</p>

<p>Washington St. Louis did an outstanding job on their book.</p>

<p>Haha, I never read any of them, I just looked at the pictures. I remember Yale's being really classy looking (go figure, lol) and Chicago having a cool one. NYU's was really artsy too.</p>

<p>haha^ I only look at the pictures too! I think I'm going to start a collection of them and then maybe donate it to the library for prospective students to look at who didn't get them.</p>

<p>Yale, Stanford, and Princeton had the nicest ones IIRC.</p>

<p>I got a pretty cool poster from duke.</p>

<p>UChicago's is awesome! (Props to their admissions office)</p>

<p>Caltech, MIT and Columbia's were cool too.</p>

<p>NYU did have cool mailings, but they were endless. I thought Stanford's viewbook could have been better, but Yale was very classy. In the end, Chicago was just cool and I wasn't impressed by WashU (good thing I saw the school first).</p>

<p>My S and I really liked Reed's</p>

<p>My favorites are WashU and Macalester.</p>

<p>You know, the only one I remember was Williams'--theirs made me laugh.</p>

<p>UChicago and Reed have been my favorites.</p>

<p>NYU, on the other hand, continues to send me the equivalent of a tree per week.</p>

<p>My favorites are the Stanford and Princeton ones.</p>

<p>I liked Columbia, BU, and UChicago's. American's was also neat, but it wasn't quite as good as the three aforementioned.</p>

<p>RiceOwlHopeful: I got an awesome poster from duke two years ago! It was really big and said something like 101 reasons to go to Duke. I hung it up in my bedroom, but one day it fell down and ripped so I threw it away. I really liked it because I always kind of wanted to go to Duke. But I didn't think I'd ever get in (or be able to afford it).</p>

<p>Now I'm going there, but I don't have that poster anymore. :( haha.</p>

<p>The only one that still stands out in my mind over two years after getting it is Vassar's. I got it sophomore year and immediately knew I wanted to apply even though I'd never heard of the school before. Talk about a good viewbook.</p>

<p>I loved Columbia's. So far it's the only one that actually really impacted my view on the school.</p>