Best colleges for minority students seeking to have a career in academia in the humanities and social aciences

Much has been written about the lack of representation of minorities in the professorial roster of US colleges and universities. The numbers are staggering and oftentimes lower than in the professions. Are there any T150 institutions with dedicated programs and funding at the undergraduate level that promote “building a pipeline” of minority PhDs other than those at Yale, Vassar and CCNY? Are there any colleges or universities that are otherwise supportive or well placed or successful in doing so?

I don’t know what colleges are viewed as being successful at producing future minority PhDs other than presumably HBCUs, but there are professional organizations that have created programs to help with the pipeline issue.
For the summer after the junior year, minority students with an interest in graduate study in public policy can apply for the PPIA program.

The American Economics Association also has a program to try to increase minority representation in econ grad programs.