Best Colleges for Public Health

Hi! I’m a high school junior, and I’m looking to study public health in college. What are the best schools for earnings an undergraduate degree in public health? I am also open to studying global health or a major such as biology and society. To give you an idea of the rigor I am looking for, I am currently looking into studying at UNC Chapel Hill, George Washington, UW Madison, or Macalester. I am open to big and small schools. Thanks for your help!

Public Health runs the gamut - there’s a BA and BS - it can be medical or it can be community involvement. Since you mention bio but also global - i’m not sure your route.

2021 Best Colleges for Public Health - Niche

Don’t know your #s - GPA, Test, Rigor - but you have great schools that are connected to hospitals - such as Pitt, College of Charleston - that if your #s are a bit less…will work as well.

Good luck.

For more clarification, I aspire to be a dentist and therefore am looking for a medical focused degree (probably a BS). In terms of my stats, I have a 4.0 unweighted gpa, got a 35 on my act, and have taken 6+ AP courses. However, I am looking for a school where I can stand out and be at the top of my class, as I have heard that this is important for admission into dental school.

what’s your state? you want to find the cheapest school…and do well in school, participate in clinics if you can or other extracurriculars.

I think the school you choose is less important - go cheaper.

here’s an article for you. Read down it lists schools as feeders - even schools you never heard of. Good luck.

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You may want to consider a college that has a dental school. Biomedical science at Marquette for example has faculty that also teach in the dental program. Making a good impression as an undergrad could be favorable for dentistry admission.

Wow, this sounds very interesting and promising. I like this direction. Now I am also on the lookout for resources or training opportunities in psychology. I have been fond of this area for several years and decided to find out about the possibilities. If someone can help me please write. I will be very grateful!

Denison just launched a Global Health major that sounds very interesting.

University of Rochester is great for all things pre-medical! The hospital and medical campus are right across the road from the undergraduate area, and for a smaller city, there’s a lot of culture and research. It’s a competitive school to get into, but super collaborative.

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I am also doing this research. NYU looks like a good choice. Of course, Johns Hopkins is the top one, depending on your stats. Any thoughts on NYU?

Unfortunately, I would prefer it not to be a city campus. So, I ruled out schools like NYU, Boston University, George Washington, etc. Any thoughts on colleges with great public health programs that are located in college towns or small cities?

You haven’t said what your budget is or what your financial aid prospects are. Some of your choices and the suggestions being given by others would come at a very high undergrad cost (unless you’re in-state for any of the publics) - and that’s before the added cost of dental school.

Your stats are excellent but everyone’s stats would be equally excellent at schools like UNC-CH, NYU & Johns Hopkins. If you want to be the standout, or qualify for undergrad merit, you may want to consider looking at schools where your stats are at the very top of the applicant pool.

We know a student who is currently in UNC-CH’s dental school and she got her undergrad relatively inexpensively as an in-state student at UGA. I would save your money and the status hunting for dental school.

For an example of each, look into Ithaca College and Tulane.

Tulane has a public health undergrad and grad program. Your stats would make you competitive for Tulane, too.


The University of Richmond, a small liberal arts college in Richmond (a small city in Virginia) has a Healthcare Studies major - that’s slightly different from a public health major in that it investigates health care systems and services, not the health of the public writ large. But it still may be interesting to you. College of Charleston, a medium-sized public university in Charleston, South Carolina, has a great public health major.

Duke also has a co-major in Global Health - health is a good major to combine with something else. Rice also has a Health Sciences major, although Houston is a large city.