best colleges for your money ?

<p>what are some of the best colleges, either public or private for your money..
im planning on doing business for sure, and financially, i need to find some colleges thats are cheap, for sure it would have to be >30, anyone please help</p>

<p>gpa 3.1-3.2 throughout highschool
SAT- math- 700 , reading - 580 , writing - 570
speak 3 languages
volunteered in brazil 75 hours
french honors society</p>

<p>If you can raise your SAT (over 600s in the CR and W sections), check out Indiana University-Bloomington.</p>

<p>What state do you live in?</p>

<p>i live in NJ, and im trying to go somewhere in the Northeast, and i think im not re taking the SAT.. i dont believe i can get a 700 on math again, so i dont want to take it again and have it drop, so im sticking at that..</p>

<p>You should really look into going to a public university. I know the SUNY system has some of the best value (public) in the NE. </p>

<p>Oh - and honestly, the SAT is not really a good tool to assess college needs. Half the schools I applied to didn't even require it. I did "bad" on the SAT, a 1080 (didn't include writing because my schools didn't require it). </p>

<p>My GPA is a 3.8, entering my senior year of undergrad. </p>

<p>Truth of the matter is, wherever you choose to go (and I am a firm believer in going public before private), bust your butt and get those grades and work hard. You will be a prize when you graduate if you show you are capable.</p>

<p>yes well, if i could get my GPA up i would, i only have senior year left...idk if they really care about it, or if i can get it up with just one year left</p>

<p>Rankings</a> for 100 Best Values in Public Colleges - Kiplinger
Ranking</a> the 100 Best Values in Private Colleges - Kiplinger</p>

<p>So just get into the best school you can for now, and work on getting that GPA up. If you do it right, you can transfer out to your desired school after a year or two, or better yet, fall in love with the one you already chose! </p>

<p>There's nothing wrong with transferring. Lot's of people do it. Make your most of it wherever you go. Plus, it's USUALLY easier to transfer in than it is to get accepted fresh out of HS.</p>

<p>suny binghamton
the college of new jersey
penn state- university park</p>

<p>your gpa might be too low though but you should take the sate again since almost every school superscores (only looks at your best score in each section). So your 700 will definitely be the score they look at even if you score lower then next time.</p>

<p>But most peoples SAT's don't really go up THAT much the second time. </p>

<p>I don't think Binghamton would accept the OP at this point. I got in by the skin of my teeth and know people who did very well in highschool who got rejected.</p>


<p>There's nothing wrong with transferring. Lot's of people do it.*</p>

<p>When money is an issue, then transferring is often not a good idea. The best scholarships are for incoming freshmen and the best FA is for incoming freshmen. Transferring could mean getting accepted to a lot of unaffordable schools.</p>

<p>Penn St is too expensive unless you're instate.</p>

<p>Since you live in NJ, you should look at your own state schools like TCNJ, Ramapo, and the Rutgers. </p>

<p>Your GPA will keep you from getting many scholarships. Many want at least a 3.5 GPA and you won't have time to bring up your GPA to that after one semester.</p>

<p>Actually, given the OPs gpa stats, I don't see him getting any ridiculous scholarships, even as a freshman. The scholarships that are given at SUNY schools are often for outstanding academic achievement in high school. I am speaking from experience within the SUNY system as I am a part of it and have received several aid packages from these schools.</p>

<p>I see OP going to a public school, as he has stated he has "cheap" needs. Many schools also have scholarships for Juniors or Seniors. I have received scholarships as a JUNIOR.</p>

<p>It depends where he wants to go. I assess his needs as needing a cheap school, which either means he is going to a public, or he is getting some ridiculous scholarship from a private. Given his grades, this probably won't happen.</p>

<p>Oh, and my financial aid package has actually been the same for my entire four years.</p>

<p>I just looked at the SUNY schools today, their very cheap and very very good, the binghamton , albany, and stony brook are my 3 i have a chance for those ?
and what can i do this summer besides getting my grades up and SAT's that would boost my chances ?</p>

<p>and i took the SAt twice already, i dont think my reading can go went down the 2nd time</p>

<p>I know you said you wanted to stay in the northeast, however, if you were willing to go farther west I would suggest you look at the University of South Dakota. It was named a Best Business School by the Princeton Review. </p>

<p>Cost of attendance is only $15.659.00</p>

<p>The</a> University of South Dakota - USD</p>

<p>is that with room and board? if so then its very good, if not then i could find a school for around that price here, i became very interested in the SUNY schools, their very cheap, and their good, what do you guys think? which ones should i focus on , that would fit my GPA and such, im middle eastern and was born in brazil, i speak portuguese and arabic, and learning french now</p>

<p>That is with room and board, books, fees etc. I know it is father out than you were looking but it is reasonably priced.</p>

<p>I don't know much other than what I read on CC about the SUNY schools but they do seem very well regarded. I'm sure you will be successful wherever you go.</p>

<p>I'm not sure about your chances with Stonybrook or Albany, but I don't think you could get into Binghamton straight out. It's considered the "honors" college, right next to Geneseo, of the SUNY system.</p>