Best Colleges in Europe?

What are the best colleges in Slovakia, France, and Italy? Im thinking of going to college in one of those three countries but I would also like to know what are the best colleges in all of Europe as well :).

Best colleges for what subjects? Why these countries?

@christina8901 I’m not sure how you define “colleges.” This concept is not common in Europe, and universities, technical institutes, etc. are very different from the US/UK. Think McGill, only more so in terms of expected student maturity, resourcefulness, and the no-hand-holding attitude.
Also, many people find diplomas from Europe (with obvious exceptions) more limiting for their job prospects in the US than they expected. Is this part of your consideration?
If you want straight rankings, there’s nothing a simple Google search wouldn’t solve, hence my less direct response.

What languages do you speak fluently?

What is your budget? What is your nationality?

What do you mean by “college”? In the US we sometimes say “college” for “small university”, and sometimes for “community college”. What I have seen in the rest of the world is that “college” means something close to “community college”. Do you mean that you would like a university?