Best companies for specific areas of business

<p>What would you all say are the best companies in these areas;</p>

<p>Consulting; McKinsey, BGP
Software/I.T related; Microsoft, Cisco Systems
Investment Banks; Goldman Sachs, Deutsch Bank
Advertising/PR; OgilvyInteractive, Digitas</p>

<p>Your suggestions?</p>

<p>Accounting: Big Four 4, Grant Thornton</p>

<p>Consulting: BCG, McKinsey, Deloitte, Ernst&Young
Investment Banks: Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, UBS, Lazard, Citigroup Corporate and Investment Banking, Credit Suisse Corporate & Investment Banking
Wealth Management/Asset Management: Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley
Brokerage: Salomon Smith Barney, Morgan Stanley
Private Banking: Citibank, JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America
Private Equity: Blackstone
Advertising/PR: ?</p>


<p>Hedge Funds: Citadel
Insurance: AIG, A.G. Edwards
Corporate Law (doesn't really belong here): Cravath, Davis Polk & Wardwell</p>

<p>I have the chance to do a spot of work experience at Cisco; would admissions recognise this company?</p>

<p>consulting: mckinsey, BCG, bain, booz allen
HR consulting: mercer</p>

<p>law: wachtell; cravath; skadden arps; sullivan cromwell; davis polk</p>

<p>accounting: deloitte, ernst & young, PwC, kpmg (basically big 4)</p>

<p>IT/Software: Symantec</p>

<p>Accounting: There are tons of places that are good for accounting, the big 4 being the most recognizable in the public sector.</p>

<p>ibanking: gs, ms, ml, citi, lehman, csfb, db, bear stearns, ubs, jpmorgan
consulting: bcg, bain, mckinsey, booz allen, deloitte
accounting: big 4</p>

<p>ibanking: gs, ms, UBS LA, CSFB LA, lazard, greenhill, evercore (really depends though, for instance DB's trading is top notch, etc. banks should be ranked by the desk, not over all)
consulting: bcg, bain, mck
accounting: big 4
PE: kkr, tpg, blackstone, apollo, carlyle, bain cap</p>

<p>Could someone tell me what kind of companies are Actuarial? I keep seeing that word under employment figures (it always has the highest starting salary) and i'm wondering what it is and what are the companies that do it.</p>

<p>A2Wolves6, actuaries are usually hired by any sort of Insurance company there is and i've seen a lot go into Human Resources consulting.</p>

<p>agreed that banks should be ranked by desks</p>

<p>greenhill, evercore and gleacher are more niche banks</p>

<p>yeah they are, but from an analyst stand point they're usually recruiting really top notch kids because they're smaller.</p>

<p>agree with dcfca in all, but UBS LA = pure death (it's a great company, but apparantely the hours there are worse than any). also agree with citadel for HF.</p>

<p>merrill and morgan are far from the best in terms of money management.</p>

<p>Lets see...</p>

<p>Retail: Costco
Cell Phones: Motorola and Nokia
Software Technology: Apple and Microsoft (maybe Google too)
Beverages: Starbucks and Coca Cola
Transportation Ground: Toyota
Transportation Air: Boeing</p>

<p>uhh citigroup-smith barney is as strong if not stronger in money management/brokerage than ml and ms</p>

uhh citigroup-smith barney is as strong if not stronger in money management/brokerage than ml and ms


<p>it's really dumb to try to rank these guys because it really depends on your individual advisor. Other than that the services all depend on the rates, rates change so some will be stronger than others.</p>

<p>The people who said ML was strong aren't necessarily wrong because on the top brokers list by Barrons ML has the most out of any firm on that list.</p>

<p>Is citadel really the best HF to work for? If so why?</p>

<p>I think Renaissance Tech would be better to work for. I heard it's got a real college driven research atmosphere. </p>

<p>I know that at SAC Cohen is pretty supportive when big traders wish to leave and he even invests in their new funds.</p>

<p>GS's Alpha Fund is the biggest HF in the world, I'm sure it would be nice to work there too.</p>

<p>There are so many HFs out there that it would be pretty tough to rank them. You have to look at their specialties and see if they allign with your interests. For example, Ren. Tech boasts the best performance rate but it's mainly scientists who work there, so if you're not a science guy you wouldn't really fit in.</p>