Best Costumes you've seen today

<p>Happy Ghouls Day.......</p>

<p>lol. I liked my co-worker's b/f's costume.</p>

<p>He came in dressed like a pimp (which didn't fly too well with his g/f).</p>

<p>Seeing him with the purple suit, pink fluorescent tight pants, afro wig (he's bald), cane (with a huge diamond on the top), and messed up teeth really had me laughing.</p>

<p>There was a lot of pimps last year I saw that went really over the top. The best this year was my one buddy who went out as my other buddy who is a retired semi washed up boxer. We laughed our asses off.</p>

<p>my friend saw a guy who was dressed up as a bloody tampon. =]</p>

<p>a kid i know dressed as andy warhol. She wore a campbell's soup can and a white wig and crazy glasses. it was really cute.</p>

<p>Izzy that's so disgusting! EWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D</p>

<p>Yeah I know a guy who dressed up as a tampon too but he wasn't bloody.</p>

<p>My little sister....she was a cowgirl. We threw the costume together in literally 5 minutes. Thank god we had a cowboy hat lying around.</p>

<p>She looked relaly cute, and I tried really hard to convince her to say "Howdy Partner" when people open their door to give out candy. </p>

<p>We'll see if she has the guts to do it.</p>

<p>My buddy's little baby went out as a skunk. My girlfriend's friend's baby was dressed up as a flower. These people take these little babies out for candy, yet most of them don't have teeth so they can't eat the candy. They should have a trick or treat event for children 0-1 and serve like applesauce and stuff babies can eat. Halloween is very agist!</p>

<p>that's adorable........a skunk and a flower;) Why am I thinking of Bambi?</p>

<p>at my school, on friday, someone dressed up as a beer keg (he got detention) another one dressed up as a cigarette(got detention). 2 people dressed up as mario and luigi. someone dressed up as a piece of nothing (does that make sense?)</p>

<p>I just gave candy to a little kid dressed as a duck! ......soooo cute!</p>

<p>But then he asked me if we had any Reeses, which we didn't. I had to restrain myself from saying : No kid, we don't have any Reeses. Who do you think we are, the Hershey Chocolate factory? </p>

<p>The ridiculously cute duck costume quenched my annoyance:)</p>

<p>The skunk's name was Flower! That is why it is all coming back to you....vaguely. Cutest thing I saw today was a corn on the cob.....very cute hat.</p>

<p>Ahhhhhh, thank you hazmat. You've given me peace of mind.</p>

<p>I saw some girls wearing all white with sayings written on the front- "I love that outfit," "you've lost weight," etc.</p>

<p>Written on the back? "Little white lies." :D</p>

<p>A roll of tin foil + me = Chipotle burrito.</p>

<p>lol, must haev taken a whole LOT of tin foil. </p>

<p>warblersrule, I love the "little white lies".</p>

<p>two of my friends got farmer outfits and a pitchfork and walked around holding a giant picture frame in front of themselves. they were American Gothic.
best costume ever.</p>

<p>honorable mentions to the guy dressed as Ritchie Tenenbaum... and of course the dude dressed as Captain Morgan</p>

<p>I liked this "price of gas" one!</p>

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<p>These are all lame except for the American Gothic one.</p>

<p>My roommate got a giant box to wear, drew the Franzia design onto it (quite intricately too, including the surgeon general's warning on the side), and walked around as a Franzia Box. The best part? He cut a small hole in the box for a working spout attached to an actual box of Franzia hidden inside his costume so he could dispense wine from his southern region. People were only allowed to take "hits" if they drunk straight from the tap. No cups allowed.</p>