Best CS/Econ/Engineering colleges to apply to with moderately-good test scores but a depressed GPA?

Hello folks,

I’m new to the forum, and I’m mostly here to hear some new perspectives about the schools I should be considering.

Personal Admissions Data)
I’ll be a senior
APs) 5WH, 5US, 4CS
will be taking Macro, Micro, BC, and Physics C senior year, and I expect to get 5s.

SAT2s) 720BioE, 750Chem, both taken freshman/sophomore yr, and I never really studied for them, and just did it to get a score after taking honors. Will be taking Math2 and Physics in Oct, and considering I already have a 750 on a practice test I’m pretty confident with 2 months of studying I’ll be able to get an 800 in the math. I’ll probably be able to get 770+ in the physics.

SAT) 800 Math, 680 R&W, 1480. I’ve only taken it once in school for free, barely studied, and I planned to take it fully studied for in June but then Corona happened. My parents are saying it’s a waste to take it again (which I agree with), which is why I’m taking the SAT2s.

Classes/Grades) Bio/Chem/Physics honors. 2yrs CS, will take another CS elective this year. I’ve taken some science and history electives. GPA is 3.64 but I’m at a tough school with harsh unweighted grades and most major colleges know that. Lowest grades in english/ foreign lang.

Extracurriculars) Multiple sports, which really takes up most of my energy during the school year, so my other ECs are kinda BS and I’m not sure if I’m going to put them. Off and on lifeguarding and in the summer. Reading in Geopolitics/Economics. Moderately Interesting CS projects I’ve done with selenium and a Java app I’m planning to link to them, but they’re not that crazy. In the middle of writing a simple Android App which if I finish I plan to also post on my cs project website, but it’s really just a personal article saver. I read the WSJ and Bloomberg daily. Basic voulenteer work running a few computer systems at school, I’ve built a few computers and given them to family, also making me tech support. Cooking for fun. I’ve really resisted joining the stupid club bandwagon, but the clubs at my school don’t sound fun anyway.

I am confident that my essays can show genuine interest.

Stupid Affirmative Action details) White, Male, Multigeneration in the US.

What I want at College)

  1. I haven’t really decided exactly what I want to study yet, but I’m planning to apply for CS, CE, and Economics/Business programs. If I can major/minor, great. Other forms of engineering I’m also considering minoring in. I’d love to go to the best college I can go to.

  2. My parents make more than enough to help me pay off college, and they aren’t worried as they know I’ll make money with my degree. We aren’t that rich, though, so schools costing $70,000 a year are too much, but we’re fine with going 200k into debt. I don’t need help considering in-state colleges, though, so feel free to post whatever which has a normal full tuition rate.

  3. I’d love to be able to major/minor or take different classes in a different topic. I’d also prefer smaller class sizes. However, if a school is good enough, I’m willing on forgoing these preferences.

  4. Location. I’d consider everwhere in the US, rural, urban, Canada, UK, EU, Australia. Class needs to be in English though. I’d prefer being in an interesting setting, not just some ■■■■■■ college town in middle of nowhere Mississippi. I am more than confident going far far away from home, I already have been away from home for months before.

Colleges I’ve been looking at and I don’t really know how they’d put me, or if they’re worth considering for my majors:

GaTech, UIUC, UCSD, UCSB, UCLA, UWaterloo, UChicago, Oxford, UEdinburgh, UMich, UWash, UT AUSTIN, USCal.

Are there any other schools that I should be considering, especially for econ/business, considering my decent but not Ivy profile? Any good CS or Econ schools out of the US better than my potential here?

Hi there! I’d recommend checking out Northeastern University in Boston! (I’m a rising junior at the school and am a tour guide and work for admissions so I know a lot about the school). We had the first ever college dedicated solely to Computer Science, so our CS program is incredible. Our business school is one of the biggest schools in the university and there’s tons of opportunities to mix and match majors and minors. Let me know if you want any more information about the school!

$200k debt is a bad idea for both you and them (they will have to cosign loans that big or take parent loans).

Without a cosigner, your loan limits are $5.5k, $6.5k, $7.5k, $7.5k for four years of college.

What can you afford with that much or less in loans?

A $200k student loan results in about a $2,000 per month payment. That will greatly impact what you can do after graduation. Take a job at a startup that will give you equity and a small salary? Nope. Travel?Nope. Live anywhere except your parents basement? Maybe not.

What is your parents’ budget without any debt?

What recommendations has your own guidance counselor given you?

What state do you live in?