Best deals on car rentals

<p>whoa! good shopping jym! I like the prices for Colorado even better. I found a mini-van for $344 for the week!</p>

<p>Yup! Can get great prices!
We got a humongous jeep thing (commander) for a week in ski season for around $270!</p>

<p>Like Atomom, I've had very good experiences with Hotwire.</p>

<p>Car rental prices have been shooting up through the roof because agencies are stocking fewer cars to meet decreasing demand. However, during the summer months when demands outstrip supplies, they increase their prices tremendously. I am looking for a 2 week rental in Portland ME in august and the average prices are over $700. Even hotwire's cheapest price for a compact is slightly over $520 for the 2 weeks.
If anyone has a discount site they use, please PM me.</p>

<p>if you give the times/location I'll play with it when I have a minute</p>

<p> is also worth checking out. I've occasionally had good luck there, especially with rentals where I was dropping off at a different location.</p>

<p>I am glad I found this because I am renting a car for move-in weekend and these are definitely cheaper alternatives. But I'm confused about car rentals. You have to have an actual credit card, right? It specifies that it can't be a debit card. Well, we don't have credit cards... and our credit is all but entirely shot anyways. I think we might have a Woman Within card (plus sized clothing store) but I'm sure it's maxxed out. Does that mean we can't rent a car?</p>

<p>jym, what's your secret???</p>

<p>Search on the web for discount codes. There are a few websites that post great discount codes for different rental companies. There really are only 3 major car rental companies (Alamo and National are owned by Enterprise, Hertz owns Dollar and Thrifty, and Avis owns Budget). If you find the discount code that fist your travel plans, then go directly to the car rental website to book. YoOu can always change the rental and oftenthe rates fluctuate up and down.</p>

<p>August 21-September 2 for Portland Me. Thank you.</p>

<p>Can you give me the time you want the car cked out and time to return it? What is the airport code?</p>

<p>well, just picking noon to noon, cheapest/smallest car base price $261.25 with 51.43 in junk fees- total $312.68</p>

<p>Wow, fantastic price; sent you a PM. Thanks.</p>

<p>No prob. I sent you a PM too. Good luck!</p>

<p>Did it work, cbreeze??</p>

<p>Yes, it gave me the exact quote you had. Fab deal. Thanks</p>

<p>Yay!! Happy trails! Have a good trip!</p>