Best deals on car rentals

<p>I need some travel wisdom. I need to rent cars for two different trips. Trip one is for just son and I this coming week. Flying to Orlando (MCO), pick up around noon and dropping off around 3:00 pm on Saturday. </p>

<p>Trip 2 is to Colorado for one week in July, Sunday to a Sunday, flying into Denver. I can't decide whether to rent an SUV or a mini-van since there will be 7 of us or to get two cars so the twenty-something's will have something to drive for day trips. Daughter is 25 so finally she doesn't have to pay extra. </p>

<p>I've looked on the AAA site, Costco and Priceline. I thought I would be able to get a good deal on the Orlando trip, but when I put in $14 a day it was refused and they suggested $17. The base price sounds great but the end price was something close to $90 with the add-on's. </p>

<p>Suggestions, tips?</p>

<p>See what expedia or travelocity suggest.</p>

<p>They are more expensive then what I've found so far....</p>

<p>I'm wondering if my chances at Priceline will be be better if I wait until just a couple of days before I go. Looking at biddingfortravel, it seems that might be the way to go.</p>

<p>what you should do instead of looking for packages instead look at the rentals individualy and then go from there.</p>

<p>What add-ons will take a rental car to $90 per day (assuming you meant per day)? I've never experienced that. Don't get the rental company's insurance unless you have none that'll cover it. Usually your personal car insurance automatically covers rental cars (but check on it) and some credit cards cover it also. The insurance from the rental company's is a big money maker for them.</p>

<p>I usually just rent from Avis or Enterprise - I go to their websites and compare the prices and usually get something decent. I usually end up with Avis since it's usually more convenient and they've never pulled some of the hijinks I've heard of some of the lesser known companies pulling to try to jack up the price.</p>

<p>How long is your MCO trip? Is the quoted rate of $90 for a day or for three days? Try Dollar - they are having a nationwide compact special for $139/week ($180-200 or so with all airport taxes depending on location). The trick to get the rate is to click on the ad on their front page. Hertz and the others wanted $400-600 for a week in SJC (DH's upcoming business trip)! :eek: With Dollar, you will never get a compact car even if you rent and pay for one - every time we rented a compact from them, we ended up with a massive TANK! :)</p>

<p>I've had good experiences with Hotwire. The catch is that you have to pay upfront, it is not refundable if you change plans, and you don't know the company name until you pay. (I haven't had a problem with those things.) </p>

<p>You always have to pay taxes and fees when renting, so the total price will be a little higher. That is everywhere. Most people have rental insurance through their own car insurance company, so you probably don't need the extra insurance.</p>

<p>We just rented a minivan for our vacation. The best deal I found (by far!) was an Alamo rental through AARP.</p>

<p>icedragon, I'm not looking for packages. I don't say $90 per day, I said,
but when I put in $14 a day it was refused and they suggested $17. The base price sounds great but the end price was something close to $90 with the add-on's.

meaning that the add-on's made the price $30 a day inclusive, or $90 for 3 days. Perhaps that did include the un-needed insurance, I didn't think of that. And maybe I am just wanting to pay too little!</p>

<p>$30 per day sounds good to me for a Florida rental...all in. Florida is not a cheap state for car rentals... the taxes alone can kill you. </p>

<p>I got a good deal from Costco last time I rented. They post a few different coupon codes on their site for each car rental vendor. I tried a bunch of them until I found the best deal...something like 25% off.</p>

<p>I didn't know you could rent cars through Costco. When we went to Orlando I found my best bet was waiting till the very end. In the end I saved $$$. With the last 4 car rentals I have found Enterprise to be the best deal direct on their website. With a place like Orlando I figured they have tons of cars and it was not taking any risk to wait. Plus depending on where you reserve you don't have to give any payment info and you can just cancel if you find a better deal.</p>

I didn't know you could rent cars through Costco


You can go to Costco's website, click on the 'Travel' link up top, then the 'Rental Cars' link, and book a car through Alamo, Avis, Budget, or Enterprise, with various deals. They basically give you a discount code to use but may have constraints like it being a weekly or weekend rental, etc.</p>

<p>Kathie, $90 for 3 days sounds about right. $13 in fees and taxes on a $17 rental is not unheard of. State residents almost always approve any tax that they themselves do not have to pay.</p>

<p>For Orlando, I usually check mousesavers website for discounts. She lists a lot of them. I have gotten a weekly rate of $100 sometimes. </p>

<p>I have a 3 day res in San Diego for $87 later this summer through National, but I keep checking back for discounts they add at the last minute.</p>

<p>Ha! I decided to go back to the AAA website and got a compact car for $76.46 inclusive from Hertz! BTW, I had checked Costco as I mentioned in my OP. I've heard of people using them for travel and cars, but I've never found really good deals and I don't like how you have to search through each rental company to figure out the best one with the individual coupons.</p>

<p>Now to figure out our Colorado vacation.</p>

<p>I've had good deals with priceline and with using the coupons from the entertainment book (you can get the coupon codes online and they dont ask to see the actual coupon when you arrive at the airport)</p>

<p>Login</a> - Entertainment</p>

<p>what day are you arriving in Orlando, and for how many days?
I sent you a PM</p>

<p>Hertz is having a special where they waive the 21-25 surcharge.</p>

<p>Got your pm Jym. I was just too lazy to clear out other PM's to reply that way! Thanks for the info. Will try it for trip #2. I got the Orlando trip done through AAA, price $76 inclusive. But, just in case you want to give it a shot - leaving Thur. 24 - AR at MCO 1:30, dropping car off MCO at 3:00 on the 26th. </p>

<p>Got the Hertz e-mail mom60. Of course they have a special on the young-un's - My daughter just turned 25! However, brother is 23 so may take them up on that. It actually looks like it would be cheaper to rent two smaller cars then one large cars.</p>

<p>Lookie at the prices I get!!:</p>


<p>SubcompactChevrolet Aveo or similar 41.50 USD
CompactChevrolet Cobalt or similar 51.50 USD
IntermediatePontiac G6 or similar 53.50 USD<br>
Standard SizeFord Fusion or similar 59.50 USD</p>

<p>The cheapest one, with all the taxes and surcharges, is $61.13 for the whole rental!!</p>

<p>BTW-- if you rent 2 cars you have to put gas in both-- that can add up!!</p>