Best Dorm at IU

<p>So I just got into IU yesterday and I am about to fill out the housing form, and I just wanted to get some people's opinions on the best dorms at IU. I'm the jockish type and I like to party hard but I'm still incredibly diligent and I work hard so I'm wondering what dorm would be the best fit.</p>

<p>pick northwest neighborhood, freshman cant pick actual dorms, just the neighborhood</p>

<p>pick northwest if you want to party. mcnutt is nasty and nicknamed mcslut for a reason, foster is cool and briscoe is nasty as well.</p>

<p>central is where its at</p>

<p>Yah, central's location is unbeatable. That alone should make it your pick. Also, Collins is really nice. It's nicknamed "hogwarts" for a reason ahahah. ANd maybe a little bias here, but living in Read with its own restroom per room, rather than sharing it with 150 other kids on a floor is no comparison. Flat out amazing. Also, the showers at Read are really nice, and it's still close to a lot of the buildings. Plus, having THREE food eating places within the building is an INVALUABLE advantage. THe only place that tops Read is Wright. (I hate all the food in the foster food court).</p>

<p>Norhtwest is where the parties are at (but people's houses are where the real parties are at; dorm parties kinda suck), but it sucks to get to classes. Central is awesome. I am in a triple in Eigenmann, so we have big rooms, but is more expensive and out of the way kinda. If I could choose my dorm it would be Wright, Foster, and Teter in that order.</p>

<p>I don't understand why everyone says Central is the best location. There's no location comparable to Collins, but that dorm attracts a "different" type of person.</p>

<p>Teter is the best in the Central Neighborhood, Foster is the best in NW, Willkie (upper classmen) in the SE, and then Collins which is the closest to the academic halls. I think Teter/Foster provide the best balance.</p>

<p>Read is in the SE neighborhood, not Central. My D lives in Read. Slightly nerdy dorm, but nice rooms (big singles), nice to have the shared bathroom, and great for a music or ballet major since it's across from the MAC and has piano and practice rooms in the dorm. Also very close to central campus and a lot of the classes most people take freshmen year. Cannot choose your dorm but they seem to assign the music majors there if they choose southeast,</p>

<p>thanks to all for the responses. I'm gonna pick northwest and hope that I get either foster or mcnutt</p>

<p>Location, atmosphere, friendly interactive, interesting individuals</p>

<p>Hey there, </p>

<p>where do most business students stay? and also radronOmega, after all the advantages you mentioned of Read, why is Wright still better?</p>

<p>Most business students stay in the Northwest neighborhood due to its proximity to the Kelley School. Wright and Read are on pretty equal footing in my opinion. Both have a great location, food, and no air conditioning. However, Read has a more anti-social reputation and a high percentage of music majors living there.</p>

<p>DOes anyone know which dorm all the dance majors are in?</p>

<p>I think a lot of performance majors are in the Southeast neighborhood (if you're a freshman, you pick neighborhoods, not dorms).</p>

<p>can someone send me a link to the housing application? The application I filled out says that the 2012-13 year application is not available yet</p>

<p>You can now complete your app for 2012-2013 housing (for incoming freshmen). See links beginning on IU:RPS</a> - Redirect
Requires a $300 deposit, but you can get some of that back if you decide later not to go to IU. We have heard it is best to apply ASAP to improve your chances of getting the neighborhood and room type you want.</p>

Can freshmen’s live at Union Street Center?

In the past it’s largely been upperclassmen. You should check with Residence Life to ask about the upcoming year. Apartment style living is not socially conducive to meeting other freshmen, though. That’s a big part of the first year experience.