Best dorm for IU Kelley student starting 2022

Any recommendations on best dorm at IU for student that also wants close access to Kelley school of business?

Personally, this is what I recommend, but everyone is different:

  1. Union Street Center - If you are willing to spend a lot of money, I think this one is the best. You have a kitchen, private bathroom that you share with a roommate (unless you’re in a single), washer and dryer, and fridge. There’s a C-Store near by for quick pick up on snacks, sandwiches, produce, sanitary products, school supplies, etxc. I personally liked how studious my neighbours were, but if you’re into partying you might want to try somewhere else. On average, it’s a 10-minute walk from Kelley, and there are 3 bus stops at Cedar, Beech, and Hickory.
  2. Teter- This dorm is renovated and looks beautiful inside. The study rooms are amazing, and you have a semi-private bathroom you share with your floor. In between Wright dorm and USC C-Store if you’re hungry and there’s a bus stop. About a 6-7 minute walk from Kelley.
  3. Wilkie - Suite-styled bathrooms, communal kitchen, and relatively spacious rooms. The Go Express comes here if you’re flying home, and there’s a bus stop here too. Lots of cultural events are held at Wilkie if you’re into that. About a 13-15 minute walk from Kelley.

Briscoe, Wright, and McNutt are some other dorms near Kelley that I can’t speak much on. Wright is a 5 minute walk from Kelley and next to Wells library, and it has a major dining hall. I believe McNutt has a buffet. Briscoe is enhanced and is suite styled but smaller rooms than Wilkie I think. I know Briscoe has a reputation for partying and maybe McNutt.