Best dorm suggestion at KU for freshman business majors?

Where do most business majors live or spread out over campus? Our OOS student will be selecting a room soon and don’t quite see a learning community that fits a business major specifically. Not sure if a Learning community is a good idea for a freshman or not? Any current freshman or sophomore students (or parents) with feedback is much appreciated. Comments on Hashinger, Ellsworth or Oliver are welcome. Thank you!

I, too, am also interested in the answer to this question. My S has decided to attend this fall, and is in the process of deciding on housing. He will be an engineering major, but we have a non CC friend who plans to major in business. These KU threads have been very quiet.

My Daughter is an OSS just finishing up her freshman year. She signed up for housing early so she had the best chance to get Ellsworth. She lives there in a quad unit and loves the dorm. There are a lot of open community areas within the dorm for studying, hanging out, etc. Hashinger is the artsy dorm and Oliver is more for the athletes since it is close to the fieldhouse and other athletic facilities. Both of those dorms are a little more dated than Ellsworth. Lewis was my daughters second choice. I don’t know enough about the new dorms.

An update on dorm life, our daughter is a freshman at KU and is living in Ellsworth. This dorm was designated for freshman only this fall. She selected a double room with private, in room sink and community/hall bathroom. Bathrooms are cleaned daily by staff. Rooms are good size, as far as dorm rooms go. Good sized window lets in a good amount of natural light. If your student chooses Ells, select a room with an even # for a nice, hilltop view toward campus. Other side of the building looks toward town and over the parking lot out front.