Best Dorm?

<p>Incoming freshman looking for the best dorm on campus. I'm in the honors program so I get either Landis or Gilchrist. However I've noticed a lot of people going for Wildwood and hear its one of the newest dorms.
Which dorm do you guys think is the best in terms of location, social life, and quality of living?
Also my priority number is 4775</p>

<p>For you, the odds of you getting any of the 3 dorms you mentioned (Landis, Gilchrist, Wildwood) is extremely low anyway, so I’m not sure it really mattered which was considered the best. Just because you are Honors doesn’t mean you will be placed in Landis or Gilchrist (there are way more Honors students than spots in Landis/Gilchrist).</p>

<p>Wildwood is the same age as DeGraff, which are the two newest dorms that freshmen can live in. You’re probably hearing that Wildwood is the newest, because for freshmen it is the newest dorm. </p>

<p>For your priority number, Salley is probably the only suite-style building you would have a decent shot at. Wildwood, Landis, and Gilchrist will almost guaranteed be full well before your priority number.</p>