Best Dorms for Sophomore Transfer??

<p>Wondering which would be the ideal dorm for a male sophomore transfer? Thanks!</p>

<p>Dear myoneandonly : You will likely not be given a choice as the housing lottery (held last Spring) allocated most of the choice spots across campus. As a transfer student, you will likely be placed on College Road (called CORO for short) which is the upper campus area used for sophomore housing.</p>

<p>Just curious... do they usually put transfer students together for the school year?</p>

<p>Yes... they usually place transfers together, since they are all in a similar situation (new to BC). It's a good way to meet people. My daughter was placed in a quad on College Road when she transferred last year as a sophomore.</p>

<p>Being in College Road (Welch, Williams or Roncalli) isn't that bad. But 90 STM or Vanderslice are by far the two preferred dorms, followed by Walsh, and than 66 Comm. Ave)</p>

<p>I think BC's residence life is one of its weaker aspects, to put it lightly. I've heard some transfers not even getting housing. I'm going to be a sophomore next year (was a freshman this year) and did not even get CoRo. my group of 8 got placed in Gonzaga which is supposed to be a freshman dorm. I know they have 60+ sophomore guys who will be living there as of now, and they claim they will move us all to college road/lower campus by september. So where you end up could be a complete mystery as my housing is still even up in the air and I'm not even a transfer student.</p>