Best Dorms to live in?

I just applied to Binghamton and im really hoping to get in. If I were to get in in your opinion what do you think the best dorm community is and why?


It really depends on what you’re looking for in a residential community. Some residential communities are reputable for being close-knit when compared to others… Hinman, for example, is known for its active residential life.

What are you looking for in a community?

Are any dorms expected to be closed due to renovations for a freshman starting sept 2020?

Im pretty social and athletic. Im really looking into doing greek life. Are there any living communities where most of the greeks live?

@avahelen, you should check into the Newing college dorms (Broome, Bingham & Delaware). A lot of students who are interested or involved with Greek life are in those dorms (especially as Freshman).

Seconding @H0llyw00d suggestion above. My daughter (a freshman) is in Broome this year and has spent most of her socializing with those involved with Greek life (though she herself is not interested in rushing). Be aware too, that Broome currently houses the scholars community which makes for an interesting mix.

Overall the Newing college dorms are very nice–relatively new and quite social.

Great point @zipstermom. My son lived in Broome as a Freshman with friends in the Scholars program, one floor above him. His neighbors that were Sophomores were in fraternities. This year he lives with a fraternity brother in Bingham, which also has a lot of students who participate in Greek life. The dorms are really nice and pretty social.

Current Bing student here. Here’s basically the run down of all the dorms:

-rebuilt between 2009-2011
-“corridor style” (3 double rooms share two half bathrooms - 1 with a sink & shower, 1 with a sink & toilet)
-typically a greek life type of setting; lots of students there are in frats and sororities
-overall, nice dorms

-rebuilt between 2011-2013 (with the exception of Old Digman aka Health and Wellness Community)
-“suite/flat style” (4 single rooms share two full bathrooms OR 2 doubles and 1 single share two full bathrooms)
-really nice dorms and convenient location to center of campus

College in the Woods
-built in the 70s and renovated in the past few years (with the exception of Oneida which hasn’t been renovated and Mohawk which was built in 2000)
-“suite and traditional style” (double rooms, or 4-6 person suites with a bathroom)
-very woods-like and rural feel
-somewhat convenient and located centrally, but a lot of steps to move through the community

-built in the 60s, beginning renovation process now (one building is currently being renovated)
-very spirited community and a strong sense of community and belonging
-right near the Lecture Hall and other buildings where a lot of classes are held
-community dining hall is closed for right now but will reopen in either fall 2020 or 2021
-“suite style” (4-6 person suites with a bathroom)

-built in the early 2000s
-“suite style and triples” (6 person suites with 1 or 2 bathrooms OR triples with 1 bathroom)
-beautiful, scenic view of the campus landscape
-the most “elevated” community on campus and is a bit far from the central part of campus

are there a lot of forced triples pre-covid?