Best dorms?

<p>Which dorms at cornell are the best?</p>

<p>Theres no best dorm, each is diff and is good 4 its own reasons.
It also doesnt matter what you think the best dorm is cause ur not gonna end up there. u cant pick ur dorm at all. You fill out a form 2 pick roomies thats like messy v neat, early bird v night owl etc and then cornell assigns u.
I am in Balch (the all girls one) at first i was really upset that i got placed here (cause like no1 requested it) but now i love it cause every1 in my hall is nuts, which just goes 2 sho u it is wat u make of it. also the rooms here, esp the singles are HUGE.
donlon is the social or party dorm
court and mews are nice and new but not that big rooms
townhouses have tons of space
i think dickson is the worst
all the most fun ppl i kno live in lowrises 6 and 7
iv seen risely dorms that were REALLY small
and all the frats and sororitys are nice :-)</p>

<p>I did an overnight visit to Cornell last week and my host said that if u wanted Balch and requested it, u would most likely get it since no one ever requests it, is that true? Plus, what is it like living with only girls?</p>

<p>Yea it is true, Everyone that requests to be here pretty much gets in. most ppl dont request 2 be here and they fill it up with those people. Its pretty fun living with all girls actually. Everyone of my friend in my hall are really fun people and are hysterical. I know its deff a good thing cause I can study in my room. Alot of dorms its 2 loud all the time to study in the rooms so people go aaaaaall the way to the libraries to study, which is really far... lol. I can study here though. Also I think like, alot of people want guys in their halls so u can meet guys and stuff... but if you hookup w/ some guy down ur hall and u decide u dont like him, ur stillstuck being neighbors the rest of the year... If ur in Balch u never have to see them again lol. I guess its kinda harder to meet guys, but if you try, u deff can. Also we have really big rooms. Some people have walk-in closets and everyone has a sinkroom. My sinkroom connects with my neighbors room so its fun, its like a mini-suite :-) lol and its really convenient too...</p>

<p>does balch get cable? do any of the cornell dorms? or is thee not that much time to watch tv anyways</p>

<p>balch doesnt get cable in the rooms but it does in the lounges. i think its like that in ever dorm except i think u might be able to get cable in the new dorms (court and mews) not pos about that though... and there isnt really that much time to watch tv, thers much better things to do...</p>