Best Dorms

<p>what would u consider to be the best dorms for freshman at New Brunswick, that is good space, bathrooms, etc..</p>

<p>btw, is it easy to get a single room?</p>


<li>Busch has some pretty good dorms, more specifically any of the BAMM (Barr, Allen, Mattia, Metzger).</li>
<li>On College Avenue, I'd say Frelinghuysen -- one of the river dorms.</li>

<p>Not sure about Livingston and Cook/Douglass since I have not lived in any housing on either campus.</p>

<p>Singles are difficult to get as a freshman. It is mostly, if not strictly, for upperclassmen -- if you get a good lottery number.</p>

<p>jameson's rooms are spacious. convenient location. new and large bathrooms. no air conditioning and one washing machine/dryer for 55 people. (but there are more machines in jameson C or something).</p>

<p>I lived in McCormick (highrise) in Busch as a freshman. It's a suite with 3 bedrooms (shared between 2 people) a lounge, and a bathroom with sink, etc. It's a lot nicer than the other dorms, though the dorms on cook also had a kitchen but were more expensive.</p>

<p>frelinghuysen no doubt</p>