Best Dorms

<p>I thought Brody or South Complex would be the best place to dorm for me. I'm outgoing and I love Sports. But I've been hearing both dorms are full of people who love to party, and that's not really me. I'll go to a few parties once in a while, but not every other night. Please help!</p>

<p>You are not stuck in any dorm for all 4 years so give one a try and if you don't like it then transfer to another floor or hall when the semester is done.</p>

<p>true but i know people who said its hard to switch once you're assigned a dorm and if you can get a new one you'll have to wait until school actually starts.</p>

<p>Shaw's pretty good but the cafe sucks. It closes at 7 pm so if you want to eat after 7, you have to go to Owen or SnyPhi. Philips Snyder is a good place to live. If you don't want to party often, then you don't want to live in Brody or South Complex. West Circle isn't the greatest place to live either because it's too quiet, but it's close to Grand River where all the restaurants and stores are at. So Shaw or Phillips/Snyder are your two best options.</p>

<p>I mean I won't have a problem w/ Brody. It's just when it comes to studying over partying I'm going to choose studying. I know someone who didn't party much and lived in Brody and didn't mind it. And if I go into Lyman Briggs I'll be stuck in Holmes or Hubbard. are those good?</p>

<p>I believe you can move out of Holmes after the first year and still be in Lyman Briggs. Shaw is hard for freshmen to get into. Mostly older students. Snyder-Phillips is a residential college. Hubbard, Akers and McDonel are all close to Holmes but McDonel is not for freshmen. I heard Holmes also has some students in it that aren't Lyman Briggs students but I don't know if Snyder-Phillips is the same.</p>

<p>Ok thanks. also how big are the normal classes? if their overwhelming i might just stick w/ lyman briggs. i saw a video of a chem class and it was fricken huge lol</p>

<p>I don't know about regular classes. My son took Chemistry and Physics in Lyman Briggs.</p>

<p>Oh I see. Did he like the smaller classes at Lyman?</p>

<p>Yes, very much.</p>

<p>thanks that helps.</p>

<p>They'll probably wind up putting you in Brody either way which is really a blessing in disguise. Brody is great for being a freshman- I just finished my first year at MSU and was in Bailey and it was a lot of fun, everyone is a freshman and it's so easy to meet people, but the main draw for you would be the opening of the grand spanking new cafeteria this year which I did not get to enjoy (though I did get to enjoy all the construction sounds).</p>

<p>And as to the partying: Look, freshman year 90% of kids are gonna wanna party and be loud, but trust me that won't affect your studying. I party relatively infrequently compared to most and I was totally fine at brody, but it does get loud in the hallways sometimes haha but it's all a part of the experience.</p>

<p>thanks nottylotty. best review i've seen for dorms. and i want to be in brody sooo bad. but i'm still deciding b/w lyman briggs and college of natural science. i'll probably choose natural science. and btw i'll be a senior this yr so hopefully i'll be at msu in fall 2011 not this yr :(</p>

<p>South complex is pretty chill...people overestimate the amount of time kids party. Typically people go out Fridays/Saturdays and sometimes Thursdays (once in a while, there are some who do the random tuesday or wednesday but that is a lot less common). Brody is a bit more party oriented because of the massive amount of freshmen but nearly everyone who has lived there has loved it. There are plenty of students who manage to study and party at the same time. In terms of sports, south complex is really the place to be. South complex is right by IM west athletic facilities, spartan stadium, and the breslin center. However, brody isn't too far from all of these things as well (maybe a 10 minute walk).</p>

<p>thanks. and yeah people do overestimate w/ the partying</p>