Best Econ Upper Divs?

<p>I am thinking about what econ upper divs to consider, but which classes are generally consider the best/easiest? I want to know which courses are easy, as well as which classes I would learn most from. Either math heavy or non-math heavy is fine.</p>

<p>try econ c175, it's pretty basic, but interesting if you're into demography</p>

<p>Econ C171 (Economic Development)</p>

<p>How about the math heavy ones? Like C103, 104, etc?</p>

<p>Are you intending to be an econ major?</p>

<p>I'm pre-Haas, but I'm sort of leaning toward econ right now.</p>



<p>Have you taken 101A, and did you enjoy it?</p>

<p>why are you interested in math-heavy economics courses? just take relevant math courses... (avoid this advice if your idea of "math-heavy" is econ 101a...)</p>

<p>good classes to consider are the ones you already knew, so yeah, 103, 104, and 141/142. </p>

<p>aside from that maybe dive around in some ODE/PDE classes </p>

<p>if you're interested, try for math 105/202b.
if you're bored, try for a mathy game theory class like stat 155.
maybe time series -stat 153, stochastic processes -stat 150 if you're looking into grad school or a career in this direction.</p>