Best Economic Undergrad Schools in Florida

<p>I'm currently completing my AA and plan on double majoring in Economics and Poitical Science. But I'm definetely torn about what university I want to go to and what would be best for my major. I'd like to go to FSU but I'm not sure about its economic program. So far I think UF would be my best option but I'm not too sure. Any advice/help would be greatly appreciated!!! :D <3333</p>

<p>FSU has an excellent economics</a> program and the best political</a> science program in Florida by far. It would be a better choice than UF for these majors.</p>

<p>A family member is an instructor in the economics department and is applying for the economics PhD program. If you have specific economics questions I may be able to get you an answer.</p>

<p>This post totaly made my day!!!! I really wanted to go FSU anyway but this has confirmed my decision. And i will definately think of specific questions I wanna ask. THANKS SSSOOO MUCH XD!</p>

<p>FSU and U Florida are both good.</p>

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