Best English/Writing programs

<p>Hi guys,
I am in love with UPenn but I also need to add some safety and fit schools to my college list. UPenn is my reach at the moment, and I will apply ED- yet, I really want to know some other good schools for what I want to study: writing.
What do you recommend? I'm looking for somewhere in the east coast, maybe even California. Anywhere with a strong Literature or Liberal Arts program inclined towards writing would be great!

I also need to add some safety and fit schools to my college list


I see from one of your other threads that you have a 92 GPA and a 1760 SAT. You should include that info if you want good advice. Hamilton would be a major reach, as would Kenyon, another excellent school which focuses on writing. What can your family afford for school?</p>

<p>Duke has a strong English program among elite schools. For other schools- Bowdoin, Holy Cross(don't have to be religious), Davidson.</p>

<p>I can afford school. I probably should've included that information, sorry. But thanks for the help! I am retaking the SAT in October, and hope to do a better job since I've been studying a lot this summer.. Do you think Penn is waaay out of my league? I'm a legacy applicant (my dad went to Wharton) and the fact that I'm from Brazil may help.. I'm posting a part of my resum</p>

<p>Unfortunately, I think UPenn would be a very high reach, as would some of the previous suggestions of Duke, Hamilton, Bowdoin, etc. The SAT score will hurt you and even if you bring it up a few hundred points, which is very difficult. You should try taking the ACT, some people do better on that test than the SAT.</p>

<p>I think a very good option for you would be to consider one of the many test optional colleges. There are some outstanding choices including Wake Forest, Franklin & Marshall, Holy Cross and many others. You will be judged primarily on your GPA, EC's and interviews. I would keep Kenyon as a reach. the test optional colleges can be found at The</a> National Center for Fair & Open Testing | FairTest</p>


<p>I forgot to mention that my D's best friend also attended the Columbia University 3 week Creative Writing program at the same time as you. Her passion was creative writing but her SAT scores kept her from considering many of her top choices. She ended up choosing Franklin & Marshall based on their program and their test optional policy. It may be worth a look. Good luck!</p>