best for international relations...

<p>i've seen similar threads started already but i wanted to know the best new york colleges for international relations.</p>

<p>NYC, or state of NY? NYC - Columbia, hands down.</p>

<p>outside of NYC (but still in NY) - Syracuse.</p>

<p>i meant NY state. i live in the city and would prefer something not too far.</p>

<p>i didnt know that columbia had an international relations program..that school's a little pricey but i'll check it out. </p>

<p>i've been checking out fordham univeristy's international relations program. is that program strong there?</p>

<p>in general Fordham is a good school, but their program is primarily economics focused. (Master of Arts in International Political Economy and Development). If thats what you're interested in, then you should look through the different type of research that the program has done recently. Also look into what the major interests of the professors are, and compare them to your other choices. If you're not looking to get into the economics side of international-relations, or even development, then perhaps Fordham isn't the best place for you.</p>