Best freshman dorm?

<p>What's the best (in your opinion) freshman dorm in NYU: Brittany Hall, Hayden Hall, Founders Hall, Goddard Hall, Rubin Hall, Weinstein Hall, or Third Avenue North?</p>

<p>Every dorm has pros and cons - it depends on what's most important to you - having a dining hall, having an apt. style, cost, air conditioning, proximity to your will get as many opinions as there are dorms. Third North is the only freshman apt. style with a kitchen. Third North, Hayden, Weinstein and Rubin have dining halls (but the others are all close to these). Brittany was my D's dorm and it has HUGE rooms and awesome closet space, lower cost than most, great location, a resident ghost, but no AC....a problem for about two weeks and then not an issue. Rubin definitely has the lowest cost option, but no AC. Before my D made choices, I did a spread sheet of pros and cons on every dorm. I then googled the dorms, read the NYU housing info, and did a search on here for dorm info to fill in the blanks for location, cost, amenities, etc. Yes, I am analytical! From this spreadsheet, she decided what her priorities were and made choices. Brittany was actually her 5th choice at the time, but she LOVED it.</p>