Best Freshmen housing?

<p>Any recommendations on freshmen housing at Wake Forest?</p>

<p>Do you get to choose now? When my son arrived in 2010 the freshman dorms were assigned randomly. </p>

<p>He lived on the lowest level of Bostwick, which has a reputation for being dungeon-y. LOL! Don't worry, it's not. It's great. Space was tight, so he and his roomate lofted their beds. It worked out fine. He and his hallmates became great friends. He really had a wonderful time in Bostwick.</p>

<p>Agree with DB -- unless things have changed, freshmen are just assigned to a dorm, unless substance-free is specifically requested.</p>

<p>You're assigned, unless you choose substance-free Johnson. But for some reason dorms take over students identities. Collins and Babcock are known for being wild, probably because they have some Greek Houses there. Palmer and Piccolo are out in the boonies. Johnson has the stigma of substance-free. Bostwick is like Johnson's normal twin housing. Luter is Luter...Pretty much.</p>

<p>Just to add on -- Palmer and Piccolo are no longer freshman dorms & South Hall is now a freshman dorm. South is the newest.</p>

<p>South Hall is pretty awesome.</p>

<p>Woah what? Is South Hall by the old baseball field or did they tear up the basketball court next to Collins and built it there? I swear, everytime I go back, something has changed at Wake! My first homecoming after graduating, Benson's been totally redone, and the rinky dink Shorty's was renovated! FYI, when I started, Starbucks and the 24 hour rooms did NOT look like that! It was just a bunch of old desks and cubicles, and there were no 2nd floors...and "Rita's Cafe" where Starbucks is now was a little hallway to a vending machine called "Rita's Cafe" lol and 2 couches. Craziness!</p>

<p>FYI, nothing still beats Polo! Be sure to give that a try Junior year!!! Was there for 2 years (solo room, own bath, own kitchen), woot!</p>

<p>South is located next to Collins. I live in south and it is amazing! Our rooms are huge and people often call it the hotel dorm.</p>

<p>Greeneisnewpink, it's clearly been a while. </p>

<p>Just wait until you hear the updates already in planning. They are adding new dorms, new dining facilities, a new business school, a new gym and other renovations included.</p>

<p>Wake is clearly trying to improve a lot of it's stuff at a rapid rate</p>

Our rooms are huge and people often call it the hotel dorm.

It's all relative, right? :) D graduated in 2010 and spent all 4 years on campus. Wake had the smallest dorm rooms I've seen -- and with 2 kids, I've toured quite a few schools. But, in the end, it was all good -- D loved her time at Wake.</p>

<p>So that's where all our tuition money went! Lol those 4 years that they couldn't even spend a dime to fix our washer and dryers, which kept tearing holes in our clothes! Lol, talk about the sacrifice for the new generation!!! Hahaaa</p>