Best Global History prep?


<p>I'm taking the SAT II on global history. . Because I'm not American I'd really need to prepare hard, so what are the best prep books for that?</p>


<p>Hi, I'm from Japan but I did fine (full 800) with Kaplan's prep book last June. Just so you know, I do take world history class in school.</p>

<p>The curve for World History is very lenient, so you should get a perfect score even if you only get 83 or so out of the 95 correct :)</p>

<p>Thanks! I also took world history in school, but it focused on Europe - a tiny bit on America and totally left the far east out (darn you European education system!!).. Were there parts that the Kaplan left out? Because usually here people say that the Kaplan isn't that good...</p>

<p>Any other suggestions? :)</p>