Best guide / site for med school applications

<p>This book is probably the best book of all requirements for medical school at each school.</p>

<p>Medical School Admission Requirements (MSAR™)

The most authoritative guide to all U.S. and Canadian medical schools just got better with a complete redesign and more information than ever before.</p>

<p>The MSAR is the #1 source for:</p>

<p>Application procedures and deadlines
Latest and most recent MCAT scores accepted
Selection factors such as MCAT and GPA data
Medical school class profiles
Costs and financial aid packages
M.D./Ph.D. and other combined degrees
Graduates' specialty choices


<p>Medical</a> School Admission Requirements - MSAR - AAMC</p>

<p>This site by the AAMC for tomorrows doctors lists many useful info</p>

<p>Resources</a> for Future Physicians - AAMC</p>

<p>That link was fantastic. I am not anxious to get started on the application process but I guess it's time. Wish me luck.</p>

<p>I also agree, the MSAR is totally worth the money, just don't be decieved by the excessively high MCAT score that are posted. Schools report the scores of all students that they accept, not the ones that come. So a kid with 10 acceptances and 40T is recorded in all 10 of the schools' stats.</p>

<p>^ mmmcdowe, I never realized that, good to know.</p>

you are welcome. I wish they would "sticky" it as it answeres most all of the questions asked here. and mmms point is well made.</p>

<p>When do you recommend picking up an MSAR? As a freshman? Soph/Junior?</p>

<p>I would recommend anytime you have decided that medicine is the field for you. If you pick it up as a freshman, you can review requirements for med schools that interest you and maybe decide to be an English major and still get your premed requirements done (med schools do like the non-science major).</p>

<p>I'd recommend picking one up anytime. The book isn't all that expensive and it can last a few years considering the numbers don't change all that much.</p>

<p>Your pre-med advisor probably has one available (or knows where to borrow one) . Use that one. Or you buy a new one every year for 3 years, like we did. It might be time to add that , IMO at least, the US News online grad school @$15 is a very good investment also.</p>

<p>If you have to pay for the MSAR, then what are all those links when you go to the website</p>

<p>They are just links to "general" data. But not to data on specific schools. </p>

<p>The order link is there, too. $25</p>

<p><a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>Or get it from Amazon. Shipping may be cheaper.</p>

<p></a> Medical School Admission Requirements (MSAR) 2010-2011: The Most Authoritative Guide to U.S. and Canadian Medical Schools (Medical School Admission Requirements, United States and Canada) (9781577540779): Association of American Medical C</p>

<p>I'd wait to buy it until the year of your application cycle. YOu can go find them in public libraries and stuff often.</p>