Best High School MUN programs

<p>For those of you who do Model United Nations (MUN), which schools do you know that are known to be some of the best MUN programs in your area (or even nationally)?</p>

<p>My school Horace Mann, University of Chicago Lab School, and Thomas Jefferson in Virginia</p>

<p>No question about it... The best Model UN program in North Carolina is Harding University High School</p>

<p>That is right! THere is absolutely no doubt that Harding University High School has the best MUN in the South East USA.</p>

<p>Every competition we go to, we get 99% of the awards.</p>

<p>And i am on it!!!</p>

<p>any other inputs?</p>

<p>i know university of chicago lab school travels to california. any of the other schools travel to california?</p>

<p>HARDING UNIVERSITY HIGH SCHOOL WAS INVITED TO BERKLEY(california)... however our advisor would not accept nor did we have the money to travel</p>

<p>the one in the hague is really good---- resolutions that are passed in the GA actually go to the real UN-- there are a lot of really intense schools there</p>