Best Housing For Sophomore

<p>Son just got in to 'Nova as a sophomore transfer for Fall 2010. If he did get housing, and I know it's a big "if", what is the most desireable housing for sophomores?? Thanks very much!!</p>

<p>Rooms</a> at a Glance Sheehan
Rooms</a> at a Glance Sullivan</p>

<p>Both are on center the quad between Bartley & Connelly and very close to the Davis Center and the pavilion.</p>

<p>Good luck with you and your sons transfer decision.
PM me if you have any specific questions , I may be able to add some parental input.</p>

<p>thats all good, but unless the policy has just changed all transfers live at kaul haul at rosemont for at least the 1st is kind of rare but not unheard of for one or two lucky transfer studs to get housing on main their 1st semester, however</p>

<p>corr if you want a single</p>