Best housing for transfer students?

<p>coming in as a junior- wanna live on campus or REALLY close to it, don't really wanna deal with the freshmen fuss..
any votes on the best houses/apts?</p>


<p>Have you applied for housing yet?</p>

<p>I choose Honors House but the romms section tells me "You are not assigned to a room for this term yet. "</p>

<p>Does that result from the fact that no roommates accept me?</p>

gave Web, Century, Cardinal and Parkside as my top choices but i'm wondering if I made the right choices. there's no way i can get a studio which is what i want..</p>

<p>and no- i think they only assign rooms later this month or if youre a transfer then mid-june?</p>

<p>Actually I just looked- you should look at the room section cause it might have the house but until you pay the deposit your status days you are not assigned</p>

<p>Cardinal Gardens, Troy, Troy East, Sierra, Webb are the best -- but pretty much any USC owned or operated apartment will be 100% OK and good for transfers.</p>