Best Interior Design Universities?

Hi everyone. I have a family friend who lives in another country and wants to attend college in the US for interior design. She’s interested in the New York area or close around here. I’m a nursing major and therefore don’t know anything about interior design schools. I’m having a bit of trouble finding updated info online too. Can anyone help me out?? Just an fyi, money is not a huge factor and she’s currently a senior in high school, so she’d be an undergraduate student.

NY based majors are available at:

Buffalo State - Buffalo (large state college)
Casenovia College - Casenovia (fairly small college)
Cornell University - Ithaca (Ivy League)
NYI of Technology - sorry don’t know much about
Parsons - NYC (art school)
NY School of Interior Design - NYC
Pratt - Brooklyn, NY (art school)
RIT - Rochester (large university)
Sage Colleges - Albany (small liberal arts college)
SVA - Manhanattan (art college)
Syracuse University - Syracuse (very large university)
Villa Maria - don’t know much about

I teach in the Interior + Spatial Design (that’s our major’s name) department at Sage College, am a Cornell grad and work and teach with Syracuse graduates if your friend has any specific questions.