Best ivy league reject engineering colleges?!

<p>i have no idea which college would be right for me. im looking for a respected engineering school because i want to go to grad school at an MIT/Caltech/Ivy
it would be best if the college was in the northeast.... or somewhat close(i live in nj)</p>

<p>GPA: 3.4(I have very serious family problem to account for such a low rank/gpa.. huge spike from freshman 2.8 soph 3.0 then when family problems abated 3.9 junior year and same with beginning of senior)
estimate SAT: 1500+
estimate SAT II's: mathII - 800 physics-700+
estimate aps: stats-5 phys-5
all ap's senior year
i dont know my rank.</p>

Philosophy club
chess club
math team
physics team
A+ certified
co cap Varsity bowling
small leadership postition in robotics team
Unix club founder/pres</p>

<p>good recs and excellent essays.</p>

<p>i started looking for good engineering college and i just found too many i wouldnt mind going to. UVA, purdue, lehigh, umich, harvey mudd, rice, duke, carnegie mellon etc etc.</p>

<p>i really dont know which is the best college i can get into based on my app. please help!</p>

<p>In the same boat as you. Look at Lehigh, Bucknell, Tufts, Villanova, Penn State</p>

<p>uiuc, umich, pennstate, purdue... maybe, cornell (ivy, i know, but it doesn't seem to be too hard to get into), utexas-austin, carnegie mellon</p>

<p>sooo many decisions... i guess ill just fill out apps like crazy and figure it out afterwards when its my time</p>

<p>It sounds like your objective is to get into a "good enough" undergraduate program so that you can get into a top-ranked grad school when the time comes. I'd suggest just going to a reasonably well-known and respected school and doing your best. There is no need to go to a "top ten" school or some-such nonsense, like some around here would have you believe. Just go to a solid school and do well...and the top graduate schools will want you. I went to MIT for grad school, and it was loaded with people from all sorts of state schools, so-called 2nd and 3rd tier schools, and such. Just get into a good program and do well.</p>

<p>Carnegie Mellon...good academics and a student body that will inspire you to excel. VERY IMPORTANT!</p>

<p>Best Undergraduate Engineering Programs </p>

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