Best jobs in Slovakia, France, and Italy

I was just wondering what were the best jobs in Slovakia, France, and Italy? Which jobs makes the most money and what career most likely succeeds in these countries like if I were to have some sort of business?

So I am going to respond to your many threads in one go.

First some questions:

= what citizenship(s) do you hold? If you have the right to live & work in the EU many of the answers will be different than if you do not.

= what language(s) do you speak fluently enough to live daily life in? to study in? again, the answers will affect the advice

= do you have any budget limits?

Next some basic info:

= in Europe most students go straight from secondary school to medical school. The selection process varies a bit by country, by is usually based on a set of exams at the end of secondary school

= admissions to university in Europe is also typically through end of secondary exams. For US students who want to study in Europe admissions is typically based on standardized tests (APs, IB exams).

I have citizenship only in Slovakia and can speak it fluently. I am learning French for now and I do not have any current budget limit.