Best laptop?

Hi I was wondering what people recommended in terms of a laptop for school.

Hands down the new MacBook Pro. I have one which I use in tandem with my iPad Pro and iMac Pro. It’s a powerhouse of a combination.

It depends on your major. Certain majors may have specific needs for higher level classes so you can email the head of your major and ask if down the road there are any requirements. If all you want is a basic computer to look things up and type papers you don’t need a real expensive computer.

It sometimes pays to check the school computer program if they have one since it can make sense to pay more knowing you can get it fixed on campus for free and get a loaner if needed.

I find Apple laptops to be way too expensive. I suggest buying a Windows laptop since most companies use Windows. It’s also usually cheaper. Another thing to keep in mind is to buy a laptop that is not too big. It is better to have a laptop that is more portable and easy to carry.

The best laptop out there for speed and features is the Dell XPS (either 13 or 15 inch, but get the 2019 model). However, it’s debatable whether that is the best laptop for a student since it is on the expensive side. If you are going to also say a 28"+ monitor in your dorm, all you need is any decent thin 13" laptop with a docking station. Maybe something with say a i7 processor and 16Gb+ of memory.

Check with your college and with the department for your major. It also pays to ask around to current students. Some schools offer their own free software versions of programs that may be more compatible with PC vs Macs or vice versa.

It really depends on what you want to do with it. If you want a typewriter with internet access (i.e. you will be writing reports, making PPT presentations, taking notes), get something small, light, and with a keyboard that you like. Look for a weight under 3 lbs. and a screen around 13". If you’re doing something graphics heavy, an Apple machine will probably serve you better; similarly if you’re in engineering you’ll want Windows because some software doesn’t run on MacOS or requires BootCamp. Check what your school recommends for specifications.