Best liberal arts schools for creative writing and film?

which liberal arts colleges (from amherst, swarthmore, williams, bowdoin, wesleyan) has the strongest creative writing and/or english programs? what about film? thank you so much!

For creative writing:

So of those, none, really. The LACs you want for creative writing are: Kenyon, Middlebury, Davidson, Oberlin, Skidmore, and Barnard or Bryn Mawr for somebody interested in a woman’s college.

For film, Wesleyan, and Ithaca College.

While Emerson College is not always considered a LAC, it is pretty close, and it has top programs for both creative writing and film.

Of your list, Amherst, Swarthmore, and, as I mentioned, Wesleyan have film majors.

Why did you choose those five colleges?

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thank you for your help! good to know. i named those colleges specifically because i am being recruited by them in my particular sport!

If you are being recruited, Wesleyan has the best film program of the lot. Swarthmore probably has the best creative writing program of the colleges with a film major.

While Amherst may be the best ranked, overall, however, for your particular interests, of your list, I would recommend Swarthmore or Wesleyan. Of the two, I think that Swarthmore would get the tip.

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It seems you would be able to generate interest from colleges of your choosing by submitting the appropriate athletic recruiting forms. Which isn’t to say that schools from your current list wouldn’t offer superb opportunities for one or both (especially Wesleyan) of your stated interests.