Best Low Cost Dorming?

<p>What dorm would you guys recommend for low cost rooming? Is a triple in an NYU room really bad? I'm considering a low cost room to slash a few grand off the price. Worth it?</p>

<p>"lowcost dorming" is an oxymoron at nyu</p>

<p>sorry to burst your bubble</p>

<p>The best dorm for LCT is Rubin. D is in and loves it. Her roommates unbunked the beds and it looks good. She is right on 5th ave. Look left and you are looking at washington square, look right and you see empire state building. Its in a great neighborhood. It has a dining room.
She had been in Hayden for a summer session and did not like it. Only downside is no AC. But for 6500 its worth it.</p>

<p>Since Brittany has the largest rooms, does it mean that their LCTs are less cramped too?</p>

<p>I agree with milkandsugar. Rubin is ideal, at least in my opinion. And come on, it's on fifth avenue! I don't get how people pass that up for Hayden or Brittany.</p>

<p>I hear Brittany has spacious rooms. I met the professor in residence. She seemed very ypung . In a good neighborhood and close to sho
ps.,grocer and restaurants. Only drawback is the lack of dining hall.</p>

<p>LOL Low cost/cheap does not exist in NYC period.</p>

<p>True story when i visited my sister i paid 6.75 for a slice of pepperoni pizza</p>

<p>i don't know where you're buying your pizza but i've never paid more than 2.50 for a slice and i've lived there three years...</p>

<p>It seems that some people like to exaggerate how "expensive" NYC is. True, it's not like living in the suburbs with Walmart prices, but it is certainly managable. Don't think you're going to be paying $7 for a slice of pizza, though, that's absurd. It might be wise for families with tight wallets, such as my own, to create a budget based on what they think they might spend every month (including food, transportation, school supplies, going out, etc.) and add $50-$100. The biggest money burners in NY are clubs & drinks, though. So be wise before you try to party every night.</p>

<p>lol, yeah, you got ripped off with that pizza. </p>

<p>the closer you are to touristy areas, the higher prices you pay.</p>

<p>they have 2 slices and a coke for 3.95 by campus lol. if you are planning on dorming at Britney, make sure its not the spring semester. They don't have A.C</p>

<p>I third Rubin. For $6620 for 2009-2010, it will be the cheapest housing you will see in your four years at NYU. </p>

<p>Basically you only have four low cost choices for freshman year: Rubin ($6620), Brittany ($9212), 3rd Avenue N. ($10,874), Hayden ($8416 - but every ED'er will have picked it as first choice.)</p>

<p>The triples in Rubin aren't bad at all, and as milknsugar said you can unbunk the beds. Some students leave the bunk as is. I just ate in the dining hall last month and thought the food was fine. </p>

<p>From my own personal experience, I lived one semester in Brittany, moved to Rubin because most of my friends lived there and then lived there for six semesters (even in the summer). This was way back when all of the dorms were at Washington Square. Brittany is okay - we did have a spacious two room suite (no kitchen, no common room) for 5 people. I just didn't like it as much as I liked Rubin.</p>

<p>I'll try to take some pictures of my daughter's Rubin LCT on move-out day next week.</p>

<p>About 90% of Hayden was ED last year when I lived there. Consider yourselves lucky that you're not one of the 200 in our class that was overbooked and stuck in Carlyle. Actually Carlyle's pretty nice, too bad I got stuck at Lafayette for junior year :(</p>

<p>I passed up Brit and Rubin because it didn't have A/C (and that was an absolute dealbreaker for me), but I got stuck in a room at Hayden that had a broken A/C that they didn't bother to fix all year, so meh. If you're in Hayden, avoid the -21's at all cost-even though you don't actually get to pick your room.</p>

<p>As for low cost, low cost and New York City are mutually exclusive.</p>

<p>Former Student was living in Bobst for free!</p>

<p>^hahah I heard about Bobst boy! They ended up giving him a scholarship after they found out that he had been living in the library because he could not afford the dorms!!! I hope that's not meeee :p</p>