Best Master's arts management/theater management program?

Hello all,

I have applied to a couple of arts management/theater management programs, and I am in need of choosing one.

Accepted: Teachers College @ Columbia, CMU Heinz College
Rejected: Yale School of Drama
Waiting: NYU Steinhardt

My dilemma here is that I fell in love with the theater management program at Yale. I was invited to interview, and sat in on a class, and absolutely fell in love. The ideal would be for me to decline the two offers, and find a job, so I can apply to Yale again. However, I am an international student, and because of my background (a lot of mistakes were made on my part) it will be difficult for me to return to my home countries and get a job in the entertainment industry.

My options are:

  • Choose either TC @ Columbia or CMU, try to look for a job after graduation and attend an MBA program, because my wish is to become an executive at a performing arts organization, and many executives at large scale organizations have an MBA. If so, which program would be best? If I were accepted into NYU, should I consider that too?
  • Go back to my home country, and try to find a job, maybe in a completely different industry, but try for Yale again.

I am hearing many opinions as to the reputation of the programs at TC and CMU - a mix of positives and negatives, and I am not sure what to think at this point. I’ve heard that both programs are essentially cash cows, and they accept a lot of international students, because they will pay the tuition. What are your thoughts?

Thank you!