Best material to use that has ANSWERS EXPLANATIONS

<p>Yea, so I take tests, and sometimes (well most of the time) whenever I get something wrong, I don't understand WHY I got it wrong. Does anyone know any good prep materials that is similar to the real SAT and has amazing explanations?</p>

<p>And I'm talking about anything EXCEPT BB</p>

<p>When you get a question wrong, you need to figure out what topic or concept it is testing. Several places have lists of the BB questions broken down by topic. Debbie Stier at The Perfect Score Project points to some lists at PowerScore. I've also seen them at Red Horse Tutoring.</p>

<p>Once you know what topics you need to study, then turn to Erica Meltzer's The Ultimate Guide to SAT Grammar. She has terrific examples, thorough explanations, and lots of practice exercises. For math, try PWN the SAT's book. He also has great explanations and exercise to apply what you've learned. I think each of these books is best-in-class.</p>

<p>Both of these authors also break down the tests by question type in the appendixes of their respective books.</p>

<p>Thanks! I'll look into those books!</p>

<p>Professor Daves Owners Manual for the SAT gives full explanations of the questions, and offers techniques for approaching each type of question as well. Helped my daughter tremendously. I have a son that is now prepping, and he loves the math techniques and writing techniques in the book, but is not improving too much on the passages.</p>

<p>I'll look into that as well. :) thank you both!</p>

<p>I'm with onefishtwofish on the matter...and I'll just add that I noticed on Erica's site, Ultimate SAT Verbal, that she's got more practice material available with explanations -- in addition to her book.</p>