Best Math level 2 books

<p>Can someone please list for me the best Math level 2 books and their pros and cons. Any tips would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!</p>

Pros: Practice tests are MUCH more difficult than the real Math 2 Subject Test, so you get better preparation. You also get relatively broad coverage of the topics that will be on the actual test. The book also explains how to program your Texas Instruments TI83/TI84 with some basic programs to cut down your workload (distance formula, angle between two lines, quadratic formula).</p>

<p>Cons: Although there is broad coverage of topics, many topics don't have any in-depth explanations. Some of these topics you may have learned in class, but for those of us who haven't learned these topics in school, a little more depth of content would be nice. </p>

<p>I got an 800 on the Math Level 2 test in June, which I was pretty happy about considering I skipped a couple questions. Overall, about 3 weeks worth of reading and practice with Barrons' was the key to my success. It taught me to use my calculator well, too. I was disappointed with my scores on Barrons' practice tests (high 600s-low 700s), but I read that the practice tests are much more difficult than the real tests.</p>

<p>The night before the test, I took a couple practice exams on Sparknotes Math Level IIC Test Center. I scored pretty well on those (mid-high 700s) and I went to bed confident and ready for my test.</p>

<p>Okay thanks. So is it the only book I should buy?</p>

<p>Well I used Princeton Review (the one with both Math Level I and II), looked it over about a week before the test (I have a huge issue with procrastination :p) and I ended up getting a 790. I thought it was really helpful seeing as even though I took Pre-calc I didn't know about half the stuff when I took a practice test on Sparknotes. The only thing is that it leaves out a couple things that may show up on test day (only ones I can recall right now are parametric equations and double and half angle identities/formulas).</p>

<p>However they do cut right to the point and basically everything I saw in the book showed up on the test. It's a nice review if you're familiar with most of the material.</p>

<p>Well I think I'll get both the PR and Barron's books for the tests. Is the test relatively difficult or easy?</p>

<p>It is easier,compared to the SAT 1 math</p>

<p>I'm very confused regarding barrons and PR. Which book is best for a person who is not a math whiz ?</p>

<p>depends on what score you want
If your aiming for a 750+, i would go with barrons. You can just skim the review section, as it doesnt really have all that much info. The most important part are the practice tests. Take all 6 in barrons, 1 diagnostic from barrons, and 1 real one (if you cant get a real one do sparknotes) for confidence and you should be fine.</p>

<p>The practice tests in barrons are essentially all the hardest possible questions which could be on the sat 2 in one practice test. If you can nail the hard ones, you should be fine on the easy (unless your like me -- i got 4 questions wrong on my sat 1, all of them the easy ones :/ -- in that case practice should help, and knowing how to do the hard ones cant hurt). The curve is REALLY lenient; i got an 800 pretty easy</p>

<p>To sum that up, get barrons for sure</p>

<p>In addition, if you actually need to learn the material, maybe try sparknotes, kaplans, or princeton. Personally, I trust princeton to teach me the material, but i did not use any of these three for myself.</p>

<p>I really like Princeton Review's book. Barrons questions are tougher than the actual SAT Subject test while Princeton is more accurate in my opinion. The explanations and tips are also very useful.</p>

<p>I think the review sections in all of the books are pretty much useless, as I forget the information right after I skim through it. Just take as many practice tests as you can. Of course, you have to get the CB official one, though you're paying for Math 1 too.</p>

<p>Okay thanks everyone. Also, should I purchase the Official SAT Math book? Is it useful for only the practice test(s) and how much Math level 2 test(s) does it contain?</p>

<p>The best books are your precalculus and geometry textbooks. Eat the homework exercises for breakfast.</p>