Best mathematical physics program

<p>I am currently doing BSc Mathematics Honours program in India. I am interested in mathematical physics, specially mathematical founations of physics i.e. quantum gravity.</p>

<p>I have checked various top university such as Harvard, michigan. princeton, CalTech, Chicago, MIT, Stanford and am very diappointed. I want to work in the mathematics department, but these universities don't have the kind of course I want to take. There is only one university which comes sufficiently close. UPenn.
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<p>Staff. Prerequisite(s): Math 694. Corequisite(s): Math 695. Credit given for each semester. </p>

<p>This course is designed to bring mathematicians with no physics background up to speed on the basic theories of physics: Mechanics, relativity, quantum mechanics, classical fields, quantum filed theory, the standard model, strings, superstrings, and M-theory. </p>

<p>sounds exciting? i agree. I need help findiing a similar program. </p>

<p>note: I can not get into physics program since i donnot have an adequate background. So that it is out of question.</p>

<p>also note: Cambridge and Oxford do have very exciting program but Oxford doesn't have master program and campridge's part III assumes knowledge of quantum mechanics and special relativity which I donot have!</p>

<p>How about the Courant Institute at New York University? Also, have you looked at the University of Michigan?</p>

<p>Could you learn the required quantum mechanics and special relativity for Oxford and Cambridge on your own?</p>

<p>how about stony brooks they offer the same course as well. google the web with the title of the desired courses and see.</p>