best minors for engineering major

<p>hey guys,</p>

<p>I'm a mechanical/aerospace engineering major at a well-ranked school. I'm trying to decide what minors I should get -- I feel that something like Applied Mathematics, Applied Computing, Engineering Physics, or Materials Science/Engineering would be ideal for getting my dream job at some space exploration company after graduation, but Philosophy or Linguistics or History really appeal to my more humanistic interests. I'm not implying that I would be miserable pursuing an Applied Math minor or anything, I really enjoy that stuff -- I just like the humanities a lot as well. Or should I officially minor in more technical subjects and just take lots of interesting humanities courses on the side?</p>

<p>Fortunately/unfortunately, you will do a tremendous amount of technical writing in any engineering discipline. Showing through your course work that you are a gifted written communicator will definitely strengthen your application. That said, the other stuff is good too :).</p>