Best Music Production colleges in NY and CA?

Anyone out their with insight on the best colleges for music production?

You can also post in the music major forum. I will PM you a list for music production. The terminology varies at different schools as do the programs.

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My son is in the NYU Music Technology program and loves it. He is getting a very well rounded exposure to all aspects of music tech, from production, live sound, audio engineering, mixing, and even building synthesizers. Being in NYC has given him many opportunities to work hands-on in the music industry. He’s very happy with his choice. He also considered the programs at USC and Belmont in Nashville, but ultimately felt the best fit for him was NYU. As a high schooler, he participated in several NYU summer programs that allowed him to “try out” the major before he decided and those were very helpful.

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Sent you a long list via PM. Make sure to look into the details of each school!

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Are you in-state for either?

It is actually for a student at my school but I think he is open to any state:)

In which case, he needs to ask his own questions. For many reasons, not least of which is privacy, “Asking for a Friend” posts are not allowed. Closing.