Best New England business Mixed Incomes parents. B Student with 1400's SAT [MA resident, 3.09 GPA, 1420 SAT, business, <$30k, divorced parents]

He shouldn’t be intimidated by the size of the school. The dorms are good, the food is fantastic, and it’s nice to have the very wide course offerings that such a big school provides. My only concern is that he might not get into Isenberg - but then there is the community college degree in one year option with a transfer agreement to Isenberg.

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Well I don’t know weighting but a 3.4 is well below the 3.8 of the 25th percentile. Hopefully with weighting your student will be there.

@tsbna44 Thank you for the acceptance states at Isenberg.

I logged into Naviance and for his high school district and his looked at his icon/grades/SAT for admissions to “Umass Amherst” (not major specific however.) UMass Amherst shows as a “safety school” for him when I look at the scattergram green check marks.

The downside of the scattergram is this does not represent the various schools within Umass such as Isenberg which is very competitive.

The other confusing part is that on the bar charts in Naviance it shows 39 applications and 11 acceptances for Umass Amherst last year. So that is a much less promising outlook than the self reported /or not reported data on the scattergram. They are so different (bar chart vs. scattergram) that I can’t make sense of it. Perhaps someone on this thread is familiar with how to interpret scattergram acceptances compared to the published GPAs of various colleges?

So interesting I have never heard of York College of PA in my life but it has been suggested twice. I need to investigate it :slight_smile:

Your HS GC/their dept controls what data are input into Naviance, so that’s the person you have to ask if the scattergrams and bar charts are not consistent.

Re:GPAs, unless you know how a given college calculates the GPA in their CDS (or other source) it can be difficult to put a student’s GPA into context/categorize the school as to admission chances.

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