Best of reasons and the opposite

<p>I was curious to hear from current students about what are the reasons you choose Santa Clara and what's been the best and worst of your experience thus far</p>

<p>bump. santa clara is my #2 choice (behind uc davis) because of the size, weather, campus, and rankings. I have a friend who goes there and she loves it. </p>

<p>you should check out the "best of" and "worst of" lists on **************. they are pretty darn accurate b/c it is based on actual student reviews</p>

<p>*** they censored the website. let's try that again.
c.o.l.l.e.g.e.p.r.o.w.l.e.r. .com</p>

<p>Good question. As far as academics go, I am very happy with SCU. I've only had a few subpar professors. I personally wish that we had a more diverse set of firms present at recruiting events. This is partially my fault. Had I known what industries I wanted to enter back then, I would have chosen a more specialized program at a different school. Overall, though, I give SCU a solid B+ or A-.</p>

<p>Other things I really like are the study abroad program options, on-campus dining (much better than most schools) and our campus.</p>

<p>On the downside, our student body is very similar in terms of thoughts and beliefs. For a NorCal school, it is very conservative, both in terms of politics and overall beliefs. This is fine for me, since I lean that way too, but some diversity would be nice. The campus is also pretty sedate politically. There are never protests on-campus and
few students are interested in that sorta thing.</p>

<p>I arrived at SCU by sheer happenstance. I was at another four year school but unhappy there. I transfered to SCU for my sophomore year bc it was a better school, still in NorCal and had a late transfer app deadline. I recommend a more more organized approach, but I wound up being very happy.</p>