Best Online store for replacement parts

<p>Has anyone ordered replacement parts for a laptop online? And if so, what is a good, reputable site to use. Trying to save a few $ over buying directly from the manufacturer. </p>

<p>Specifically, I need a replacement laptop keyboard for an HP Pavillion laptop. When I google the part number I get dozens of "hits" but I have no idea of the reliability, quality, etc. of the site.</p>

<p>I thought of posting this in the regular cafe but I figured most students use ebay and I'm not that well versed in ebay.</p>


<p>I've ordered laptop batteries online a couple of times and was very satisfied with the store. The prices were good and the batteries were delivered quickly. This is only a battery place though.</p>

<p>Laptop</a> Batteries at Pacific</p>

<p>Thanks dad, appears that they do not sell keyboards. But I will definitely keep this name in mind when and if I need a battery.</p>